INCUS Products

Once launched, INCUS will produce a variety of different products available to the scientific community to advance our understanding of clouds and storms.

Each product derived from the INCUS constellation is categorized into levels based on the amount of processing done, or as an auxiliary product for those variables derived solely from external sources.

Level 1 Products

Product NameDescription
1B-PWRReceived power from each DAR I, calibrated and geolocated [dB]
1C-ZeEquivalent radar reflectivity factor (Ze) [dBZ] and surface normalized radar cross section [dB]
1C-ZcorrectedMispointing-corrected reflectivities, and advection-corrected reflectivities
1B-TbCalibrated DMR brightness temperature (Tb) [K]

Level 2 Products

Product NameDescription
2B-massVertical profile of condensate for each radar profile [kg m-3]
2B-mass-rateProfile of temporal change in condensate for each radar pair [kg m-3 s-1]
2B-FluxesProfile of vertical mass flux of air and condensed-water estimated for every detected updraft [kg m-2 s-1]
2B-DT2 min evolution of local advection, condensate and vertical fluxes in each cloud column
2A-HDIWP [kg m-2] derived from the radiometer brightness temperature 1B-Tb

Level 3 and 4 Products

Product NameDescription
3A-LIFEStorm-centric LEVEL 2 and AUX data reported at half-hourly temporal resolution, labeled by storm
3B-CONVStorm-wide statistics of vertical flux and environmental data, labelled by storm
4-CONVConvection nowcasting system machine learning from 3B-CONV

Auxiliary Products

Product NameDescription
AUX-geoIRLifecycle from geo-IR, convection type from cold Tbs, anvil size from IR Tb threshold
AUX-reanalLarge-scale environmental variables include CAPE, RH, T and shear
AUX-RsurfSurface precipitation from Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals and GPM (IMERG)
AUX-LightLightning locations and flash rates from ground-based networks and spaceborne sensors
AUX-GPM-KaCoincident (GPM combined retrievals of IWC) and (DPR Ze)