NASA's Storm Chaser

The INCUS Mission

the INvestigation of Convective UpdraftS (INCUS) mission was competitively selected as the 3rd NASA Earth Ventures Mission (EVM-3). INCUS will provide the first tropics-wide investigation of the evolution of the vertical transport of air and water by convective storms (convective mass flux), one of the most influential, yet unmeasured atmospheric processes.

a conceptual diagram of the three INCUS satellites orbiting over earth
INCUS Science

The goal of INCUS is to understand why, when and where tropical convective storms form, and why only some storms produce extreme weather. If you want to learn more about INCUS science see a summary by clicking “Learn More” or watching a seminar given by the INCUS PI, Sue van den Heever.

a diagram of convective mass flux over a picture of a thunderstorm
INCUS Products

INCUS will provide a wide range of products to enhance our understanding of convective storm processes and our capabilities to model them in current and future climates.

a picture of the INCUS Science Team at the 2022 INCUS Science Team Meeting in Fort Collins, CO

The INCUS team is comprised of scientists and engineers from 11 universities, 3 NASA laboratories, 2 industry partners, and 7 other meteorological centers, institutes and organizations.